Top 3 highest Desirable Real Estate Markets


The globe has been nearly fully immersed in profitable downfall. With the ups and down on each mainland, it's apparent how snappily plutocrat comes and goes. With that being said, the cash is flowing back into the hands of people worldwide. Numerous of the world flush choose to spend their plutocrat not only on fashion, buses, and recesses but also on real estate. Property has become a massive symbol of wealth, and vacation homes are a must-have with a moment's flush. These five destinations are bursting with investment openings and are incredibly high in demand.


The Swiss are not only ahead of the game in regards to environmental awareness, prison systems, and, well, almost everything, but they are at the forefront when it comes to the property market. Having o global threats or enemies, the country is a sought-out vacation destination and a place of economic stability for investors. The Swiss are lax in renting, leasing, and business in Switzerland when one is a foreigner- this adds to its desirability for business use. The only strict aspect relates to the laws forbidding owning a second home- causing the commercial property to spike.

New Zealand

New Zealand's property is on fire with an income of $6 billion solely from their tourism division. The country is a year-round tourist destination and thus, promotes a strong economy. It is a popular ski destination in the winter, and for summer lovers- it boasts beautiful beaches and vineyards in the summer months. New Zealand has incredibly lax tax laws- one of them being no estate tax. Foreign investors who invest less than NZ$ 10,000,000 can do so freely without permission from the Overseas Investment Office. It is riddled with both commercial and more personal investment opportunities.

Liguria, Italy

This magnificent city with a population of 1.5 million people is a somewhat conservative and intelligent choice. With Italy's economy repairing itself and its tourism surge, the city promotes further growth and opportunity. Based on the Italian Riviera- it encapsulates beautiful seaside villages and homes. The city is the perfect destination for a 2nd home/ vacation home rather than a commercial investment. The British are seeking out property here, so get yours while you can.